Mae Pranom Brand Nam Pla Whan Original Formula 228 g.

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Elegant sweet and salty dipping sauce, packed in a glass bottle by Mae Pranom. This is mild-hot which is good.

We had sold out of Nampla Wan some months ago, after a popular Thai television soap opera’s main character traveled back in time 200 years and introduced Nampla Wan sauce to a group of Thai people who had never tasted it before (see show photos below).  The entire show focused on how much they loved eating it with green mango.

This new Nampla Wan just arrived from Thailand and is made of mostly coconut palm sugar.

Nampla wan (nampla = fish sauce, wan = sweet) is a salty and sweet dip that has the consistency of jelly. Dip any fruit, especially sour fruit, into this before eating. Very tasty with sour green mango, radish, granny smith apple, or anything you might like.

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