Sparta Bronze olive pomace oil 5000 ML

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Olive oil was called by Homer “Liquid Gold”, having extraordinary nutritional properties.

Olive oil is famous for its health attributes, ranking among the top oils that can be consumed by humans. It is recognized as the healthiest type of fat and these health benefits are maximized when a diet is followed.

Olive oil comes only from green olives. The production of the oil begins by transforming the olive fruit into a paste which is then kneaded, so that the microscopic drops of oil concentrate. The oil is extracted by pressing, the traditional method, or by centrifugation, the modern method.

Olive oil can be divided into two main categories: refined or unrefined oil. In the first category there are two types of olive oil: pure and light.
To obtain virgin and extra virgin olive oil, the olives are not chemically or thermally treated, but are cold pressed.

Extra virgin olive oil – considered the best, the least processed, including the oil from the first pressing of the olives.

It is ideal to have in the house both a refined olive oil, which you can use for cooking, and a virgin or extra virgin olive oil for salads, soups, cold sauces, etc.

Coming from premium olive varieties is the very definition of authentic olive oil with a yellow-green color, special taste and pleasant aroma.

Extra virgin olive oil is a product widely used in the world both in the kitchen and as an ingredient in various masks or cosmetic treatments. In our country, olive oil has become increasingly used, and in recent years consumption has increased enormously.

In the end, it is clear that olive oil definitely deserves to be found in your kitchen, and its many properties give it a privileged status among edible oils.

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