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Mdh Amchur Powder 100g

A popular ingredient of Indian cookery whenever touch of sour taste is required. R-pure mango powder is made from dehydrated pulp of raw mangoes which are devoid of skin and stone. Fine clean and fair pieces are used to give you quality powder with uniform taste every time.


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Mdh Amchur Powder 100g


Amchur Powder, Mango Powder, Amchoor, TRS, 100g
Amchur Powder is also known as “Mango Powder”. Amchur powder is made from raw green mango that are cut, sun-dried and finely ground into powder. . Amchur Powder is used much like tamarind in Indian vegetarian and Grain Cooking. Amchur powder is generally used in North Indian cooking to make spicy dishes like chan masala shahi paneer.

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