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Mdh Chunky Chat Masala 100g

Indian home cooking is of course by local, different spices and blends used by each household. So in India of the home for a long time, we have a blend of those made home-made taste every time you cook. 1919, it is a mix of masala MDH that was released in order to simplify the cooking of such housewife. Previously blended for each type of curry, it is spice of ready-made. It is up to the current 52 or more, is loved all over the world and not only in India


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Mdh Chunky Chat Masala 100g


  • Ingredients: spices, salt
  • Expiration date: Listed How to save the Product:
  • Delivery method: it will be delivered at room tem
  • * MDH first safe even those who are cooking * box

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