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Nescafe Gold 50Grm เนสกาแฟโกลด์ 50 กรัม


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Nescafe Gold 50Grm เนสกาแฟโกลด์ 50 กรัม

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This is a premium instant coffee ingredient made from the best roasted coffee beans. The gentle roasting aroma with floral borders, the sweet aroma and the dark color make this coffee one of the kinds that will definitely make you start the day. Just add one teaspoon or two of warm milk or water, add the sugar as you want and enjoy a nice cup of coffee from Nestl’s Nescafe. Nescafe Gold is more than good tasting coffee. Is a premium coffee that has elevated the quality of coffee in the last 50 years, created by the world’s leading coffee experts. Nescafe Gold has been offering a quality coffee experience that has been very popular. For decades
Size 50g
Price 150


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