About Us

We are Marhaba World Co Ltd – an online grocery website with thousands of products for your everyday grocery needs. be it India, Thai, Gourmet or any other international grocery product. 

Marhaba World Co Ltd

About Us

We are Marhaba World, an online grocery shopping portal in Thailand.

We are Marhaba World, Brand New Supermarket Chain in Bangkok and all over Thailand. One of the unique advantages of Marhaba World over the existing stores in Bangkok is that it is a one-stop for every possible Indian grocery item.

From rice & dal to a variety of spices, seasonings & masala powders Marhaba World has everything that an Indian household away from home can possibly require. You are even likely to get all popular Indian branded products at very affordable prices in any of our supermarkets. Walk into any of our stores & choose according to your requirements. Or if you would like, there is an option to deliver these to your doorstep.

Providing Healty Super Organic Produce - Thai, Indian and Gourmet Groceries in Thailand.

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We strive to provide quality grocery products to everyone, and we also promise to deliver them on time for everyone. Whether you are in Bangkok or a remote location in Chiang Rai or in Pattani.

We offer round the clock service and deliver groceries all over Thailand through multiple shipping partners like J&T Express, NinjaVan, Kerry Express, DHL and Others.