BabyLove Easy Tape Newborn Tape Diapers 56 Pcs/Pack

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Baby Love Easy tape –  Specially designed with stand leg cuffs . Prevents leakage for up to 10 hours. It is soft and gentle on the baby’s delicate skin. Hypoallergenic test which has proven not to cause skin irritation or allergy* on babies, offering the ultimate comfort for all newborn babies
  • Hypoallergenic proven test of top sheet does not cause your baby’s skin irritation and allergy*.
* Top sheet does not cause allergy or irritation in subjects of clinical study by Dermscan Asia, Thailand during Feb-Mar 2015.  This excludes individual allergic reaction or irritation and allergy from prolong diaper usage.  Consult physician in case of individual allergic reaction or irritation
  • Baby Soft touch, Allows air circulation and provides a soft and gentle touch for your baby’s delicate skin, keeping your baby comfortably fresh and dry
  • Power Gel, Quickly absorbs liquids for up to 10 hours and helps to keep the skin dry and comfortable
  • Leakage Control, Improved leg cuff design for leakage protection around the baby’s legs.
  • Soft Easy Tape, Can be easily refastened as many times as needed for a comfortable fit.
  • Wetness Alert, When the indicator changes from yellow to green, it’s time to change the diaper!.
  • Navel Protection, Rounded cut out design to protect your baby’s sensitive and unhealed navel.

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